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    project forum co-moderator Frog's Avatar
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    Has anyone tried raw therapee?

    A free raw editing program.
    Got a thing about it in email and will investigate it later but thought maybe someone already has.
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    Re: Has anyone tried raw therapee?

    Yeah, I did a review of it a few years back. It debuted in 2006:

    Raw Therapee, which stands for THe Experimental RAw Photo Editor, is a shareware-type program that should not be underestimated. It goes a bit beyond just raw conversion to provide some basic editing. It's features include contrast, white balance adjustment, custom curve support, temperature/green tint correction, independant shadow and highlight controls, luminance modification in CIELab color space, unsharp mask capabilities, color denoising, and simple lens distortion correction.

    What really sets Raw Therapee apart from most shareware-level software however, is it's demosaicing algorithm. Adaptive routines use rules based on image content to detect unwanted color artifacts and direct interpolation away from them. (English translation- it finds stray colors in the image and does it's best to eliminate them).

    At the time I did this review, it was my opinion that this was the best free Raw converter out there. That's been a few years ago, and I haven't kept up on things, but I'm willing to bet it's still worth a look. I understand that updates to this product since I've tested it include support for ICC color management, as well as some interface updates.

    I still be interested in your (or anyone else's) appraisal though, since mine is just one opinion.

    Hope this helps you Frog,

    - Joe U.
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