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    Great Photoshop book

    I got a splendid Photoshop book called, The Abobe Photoshop CS4 book, for digital photographers by Scott Kelby. It is truly a well layed out book that covers some great subjects. I took a couple of my older shots and used some techniques in the book and it made a good shot a much better one. I just started too. I highly recommend this book.
    Prevailing Conditions recommended it to me, I was picking his head on how he got such beautiful rich colors in his pictures.
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    Re: Great Photoshop book

    I have yet to get any books myself, but I always seem to learn something when flipping through whatever my dad gets from the library. I've honestly found that online tutorials, such as the ones a, the "you suck at photoshop" series on you tube, and the plethora of podcasts that I get from iTunes have taught me a lot so far.
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    Re: Great Photoshop book

    I have that book sitting next to me along with the CS2 version, LR2, The Photoshop Channels Book and volume 1 & 2 of The Digital Photography Book. Kelby does a great job with his books and keeps them simple, straight forward and easy to read and follow.

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    Re: Great Photoshop book

    I know this a bit of old thread resurrection but I've been away for a bit. I just picked up the CS3 version of that book last week and am loving it. My first Photoshop book and I already know about 3x what I knew before including that it got me using Bridge and ACR instead of Canon's DPP. I picked it up because I wanted to get CS5 for some of its cool new features (education discount thankfully) but I figured I should actually learn how to use my copy of CS3 first.

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    Re: Great Photoshop book

    I've learned a lot more from online tutorials and most of them are free.
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