GB1 pointed out that we hadn't listed the Photomatix HDR software in our software review section and then he was the first to write a review after we got it added. He's got a lot of experience with Photomatix and his review is a good one so we made it a Featured User Review:

Photomatix Software Featured User Review >>

I'm posting this partly to give GB1 some props and partly to get you guys to post more software reviews. Your reviews are the foundation of the site and it seems like people forget to write reviews for their photography software. So please take a few minutes to share your experience by writing reviews for the photography software you use. Here's a link to the software reviews category page where you can browse by the type of software:

Software Review Categories >>

You can also just use the Write A Review page to navigate directly to the review form for whatever software you're using.

Thanks in advance for your reviews and thanks to GB1 for getting the ball rolling on the Photomatix review page!