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    Stuart stu-52's Avatar
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    Which crop do you prefer?

    OK....I took this picture and then did some post-processing on it to get the overall colors the way I liked by putting the single raw image into Photomatix. Once i was done, I did a slight rotate and crop in GIMP, but then I was trying to decide what's the best crop for this image.

    Tell me what you think of these and help me pick one.
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    Re: Which crop do you prefer?

    I like the one in the middle. The one on the left I don't like because I think that the doorway on the lower left is distracting and not necessary. I like the one in the middle better than the one on the right because I think that the 'extra parts' of this photo (if we could call them 'extra parts') add to the impact and context of the photo and make it more interesting.

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    Re: Which crop do you prefer?

    I like the middle image the best, too. I do wish the window weren't so centered but I'm not sure what the solution is. Cropping tighter removes too much of the context and I do like the bit of brick at the top as it gives some definition to the wall. This is really a tough subject and may be worth revisiting and playing with some more.

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    Re: Which crop do you prefer?

    Call me weird but I like the first one where the little bit of the back street/alley shows through, it really gives it characters IMHO. You may consider cropping off a lot (say 2/3rds) of the brick above the window. The 2nd is good too, though the flatness of the image is more applicable to an advertisement or wallpaper (not sure on the other uses... it has great potential, but would have to think on it). Number 3 is OK, but I don't know if the window is really strong enough to be the only thing of interest.
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