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    Calibration Monitor and printer

    What are you guys using to calibrate your monitors and printers. My monitor and printer are not always the same.
    Horace Best
    Goldsboro, NC

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    Re: Calibration Monitor and printer

    I haven't calibrated mine, though I should. It's just so expensive to do so. It might be better and cheaper to just print a 4 x 6 inch photo on your printer and compare it to your screen, make the necessary monitor adjustments, and do it again as many times as needed til you get a good comparison.

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    Re: Calibration Monitor and printer

    I use the huey screen calibrator. It's one of the cheapest and gets the job done. There's also free methods where you "eyeball" it. If you use the recommended paper brand with your printer (i.e. hp paper with an hp printer), go to your printer manufacturers website. You should be able to find profiles you can use instead of having to go through the trouble and money of doing your own.

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    Re: Calibration Monitor and printer

    I am using Spyder 3 for my monitor and I am quite happy with it.
    Some of the more expensive programs will also create profies for your printer.

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