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    Batch Editor in Photoshop

    Hi I just want to ask how do you edit your photos at the same time in photoshop. Like adjusting brightness and contrast. thanks

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    Re: Batch Editor in Photoshop

    Hi, Artistapinay!
    Batch editing is only useful if you want to do exactly the same thing to all the photos in one folder, like changing the size and resolution. First you need to create an Action that carries out the required operation. Then create a destination folder for the edited pictures (so your originals don't get overwritten). Then you click on Batch and choose the folder with the pictures you want to edit and the destination folder you want them to end up in. Finally, you choose the Action you want to apply. Then you can just sit back and watch as each photo gets opened, edited and saved. It's pretty cool.
    But if you want to use Batch to quickly adjust lighting and contrast on a lot of photos at once, the only way I know would be to create an Action using Auto Tone, Auto Contrast and Auto Color. If you've ever used them, you will realize they don't always give results you like. After all, it is just a machine applying presets to achieve a standard. It's not going to realize that this photo looks better in high key with low contrast, or that one needs the midtones lightened a bit. Sometimes there's no substitution for putting in the time to do it yourself.

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    Re: Batch Editor in Photoshop

    - Local Contrast Enhancement

    Filter> sharpen> Unsharp Mask
    Amount 10
    Radius 50 pixels
    Threshold 0
    Flatten and save

    - To sharpen - Smart sharpen
    Select> All> Edit> Copy
    Channels> New channel (alpha 1)> Edit> paste
    Filter> Stylize> Find edges
    Ctrl+L move sliders for clean edges
    Filters> Blur Gaussian blur1.5 pixels
    Select> Load selection-Check “invert” click “ok”
    Select RGB channel
    View> Show> “selection edges” uncheck
    Filter> Sharpen> Unsharp mask- Amount 500
    Radius 0.2
    Threshold 0
    Select> deselect> dump alpha channel
    Blend mode “luminosity”
    try these tools

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