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    Any Sony RAW/PS Elements Gurus?

    - I'm using PS Elements v6 on Windows XP.
    - I've been using a Canon XTi and it handled the CR2 files just fine.
    - I'm now trying out a Sony A350.
    - Neither Organizer nor Editor could recognize the .ARW files.
    - I downloaded the latest Camera Raw (v 5.1 I think) and extracted the two 8BI files to c:\Program Files\Adobe\Photoshop Elements 6.0\Plug-Ins\File Formats. One of the Camera Raw.8bi files went here and the other made a sub-folder called 64bit.
    - Editor now will load and convert an ARW file (though it will not save the edited file as a JPG???) but Organizer still does not recognize them.
    - Also Organizer no longer recognizes the Canon .CR2 files either.

    Any help? TIA.


    EDIT - Problem solved. Per suggestion from the Adobe forum, I removed the 64 bit version of Camera Raw.8bi and it's folder and all is well. Hope this post helps someone else in the future. - TF
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