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    Question Adobe Illustrator CS 5 loads the cpu while not in use

    Recently (before it was not so) Illustrator started to load the cpu at 80-90%, even when nothing is happening. I mean, even if no one document is open, it is still a terribly freezes. I forced to waiting for a long time until a menu appears by clicking on File!! System on Athlon850, Win2K, ie like just enough ... How can it be explained?

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    Re: Adobe Illustrator CS 5 loads the cpu while not in use

    It can be explained by Norton Protection, for example, if you have it installed. Illustrator creates a bunch of a small files on the disk and it is intensively working with them. Accordingly, Norton (or similar) protection doesn't manage, that's why you get freezes. I suppose that the trouble exactly in it. Check where are its scratch discs and all that can slow down its exchange with the discs. Unless Norton then it can be any special services, or anything else.

    Unfortunately I havenít another concrete idea, so if Iím wrong, then connect with adobe support, they must help you. If you donít want to waste your time, use a third-party tool then. Some of them can be really useful, for instance this one - Recovery Toolbox for Illustrator
    Good luck!

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