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    Oil Painting from Photo


    Are you an artists or art lover? Did you ever captured your loved one's photo in a beautiful oil painting? I just love it. My friend gave his pet's photo to an artist to turn it into pretty oil painting as he wanted to keep alive his pet through painting. It was really great when he got it. See the below painting:

    Name:  oill painting giclee.jpg
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    I really appreciate that artist. What's your feedback?

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    Re: Oil Painting from Photo

    Is it really a painting???
    So Realistic! Great Artist!

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    Re: Oil Painting from Photo

    As a forever Warhol devotee, I feel proprietary, cranky, when it comes to other people’s Andys. I will out myself up front to celebrities: Half of me was ready for this show to fall flat. The other, better half was bracing to be blown away, to be overawed once more by the breadth and depth and prescience of the man who, in the years since I first began seriously consuming contemporary art, ascended from the washed-up Pop star many wrote him off as in the late 1970s to all but inarguably the most significant artist of the second half of the twentieth century. Alas, neither me was vindicated.

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