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    Cinematography and the Artist's film - a practical workshop

    Artists, filmmakers and DOP’s are increasingly embracing a multitude of different formats, such as DSLR, HD, and RED alongside traditional formats such as 16mm and 35mm. How do these different production models affect working practices, and what are the characteristics of these various shooting formats?, the UK’s premiere artist run lab is delighted to present a three day workshop suitable for complete beginners as well as established practitioners, which will take place at and the BFI, and which is supported by Fuji, Deluxe Soho, ICE camera hire, and the BFI.

    The workshop has been designed to investigate the role of the cinematographer within artist film production, how the choice of shooting format affects the process of making a film; post-production workflows and the aesthetic qualities each format brings. The workshop will take place over two evenings and two full days.

    The process of collaboration between artist / filmmaker and cinematographer will be covered through case studies, informal discussion, and a screening of examples. There will be an exploration of the various shooting formats and workflows that would likely be within reach of a production with an examination of the practical, technical and financial considerations involved in each, alongside the aesthetic characteristics of each format.

    The workshop will cover:

    Core principles of cinematography (lens characteristics, depth of field, exposure & metering, and colour temperature)

    Practical use of each format, through shooting short sequences on Standard 16mm, Super16, RED and Canon 7D DSLR. The implications of shooting 35mm will also be discussed.

    The workshop will conclude with a screening of all material shot - on both film and digital formats. Please note that this workshop does not include full training in the use of these camera formats, attendants will be supported by technicians at each stage of the process.

    Price: £300 members - £500 non members

    This workshop will be led by Tim Sidell-Rodríguez. Tim is a cinematographer working in artist’s film, drama, commercial and music video and continues his own practice as a filmmaker. Tim has worked with Bethan Huws, Runa Islam, Shezad Dawood, Emily Wardill, Karen Mirza & Ruth Beale, Doug Fishbone, Andy Holden, David Ryan and Isabel Rocamora among others. Tim’s first feature film as Director of Photography achieved international distribution and he is shooting his second feature during the summer of 2011. Tim is also a part-time senior lecturer at the Cambridge School of Art, working with BA Film & Television Production, Photography and Fine Art undergraduate students.

    For more information contact me on james.holcomb|at|
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