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Thread: Night shooting?

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    Night shooting?

    I'm currently enrolled at msu and am in the freshman photo program. I have to submit a portfolio at the end of the year for review and then hopefully will be accepted into the sophomore level classes. My question is, i'm planning to shoot an after dark project. My plan is to wait until full moon (october 17) and shoot a waterfall illuminated by the moon. The waterfall is about a mile walk, so it will be a big shoot. I was just wondering, does this sound feasible? Will i have enough light from the moon to make an adequate picture? Does anyone else have any experience with something like this? Any input would be appreciated, thanks. P.S. this is to be shot with a minolta srt 102, tri-x film.

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    Just give it a try...

    Hi Drew,
    Just go for it and see what happens. You might stumble on something unique. For me, this is the kind of stuff that makes photography fun. A lot of shots don't work out, but every now and then......

    Samurai #17 |;^\

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    Re: Night shooting?

    It definitely sounds feasible and is a really cool idea. Since you have a lot of work to do to get there (1-mile hike), you'll want to check the internet to see what time the moon comes out and sets and where in the sky it will be.

    If you leave the shutter open long enough, your shot could end up looking like a day shot. The longer you leave your shutter open, the more your waterfall will have that luminescent look to it. No matter what happens, it would be great to see your shots in here. Good luck!

    Take a flashlight in case you decide to "paint with light" on some foliage near the waterfall, or rocks, or whatever. Take a timer so you can bracket. Take some music because you will be there a while. :-)

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