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    Move this forum to "General Photography" instead of Other

    I think we'd see more participants if this section was tossed up with the Viewfinder and Photo critique forums and it would really get people motivated to go out and try to shoot for the projects.

    I've just decided to try posting in them, they seem like fun. If I had seen it sooner I would have been posting in it before. Right now its kinda tossed down in the bottom of the front page..

    Hope some people agree with me so maybe it can be moved up to allow for more participation. Thanks!
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    Re: Move this forum to "General Photography" instead of Other

    I had good intentions of trying to be more active here but so far my intentions haven't translated to photographs... Now that spring is finally here I'm running out of excuses. "Memories" is a good one - not sure exactly how I want to do that just yet, but I'll figure something out.

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