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    June Project - Advance Notice

    This is just an advance notice for our June Project - not the official project thread!

    The June Project will be "Street Photography"

    It is almost June and many of us are looking forward to a nice long weekend to celebrate Memorial Day in the US - Hopefully all of us will enjoy a great weekend with many photo ops no matter where we are. I was asked to name the June Project and thought people might like to get ready ahead of time!

    I found a couple of links with samples of different types of street photography, definitions and ideas that I thought might be of interest. Please be creative and have fun!

    Any and all comments are welcome here!

    Please - no photos until June 1st - post photos in the official June Project thread.



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    Re: June Project - Advance Notice

    Thanks for the heads up Liz, I went for a walk today and started trying to come up with some shoots.
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    Re: June Project - Advance Notice

    Awesome! Thanks for lighting the torch Liz! Will be thinking about this over the weekend. . .
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