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Thread: help

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    i been tryin to put pictures on my account and can't do it someone help

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    Re: help

    First, welcome to the forums.
    It seems many have difficulty figuring out how to load a photo when they first try here.
    There are other ways but this is how I do it from my hard drive. the pic to no more than 800 on a sice and the quality, if using photoshop, to about 9 when you save.
    On the forums, if its in a reply, you will need to click the 'go advanced' button but ;if its a new window then you'll be fine.
    Then I click the paper clip at top,(attach files).
    T;his brings a window up for you to browse your computer for the shot you want to load.
    You can upload up to 5 per post but if in critique forum there should only be one or if related maybe 2 or 3.
    Note that under the window there is a check box for uploading to your gallery. If you want it in your gallery, leave it checked but if you don't, then un-check it.
    You may upload much larger pics to your gallery. I'm not sure of the size limit there.
    Now I anxiously await what you want to post.

    They can also be loaded from photobucket or other hosting sites but I don't know how that's done.
    Keep Shooting!


    Please refrain from editing my photos without asking.

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