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    Member steelerdirtfreak's Avatar
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    Apr 2005
    Mercer, PA, USA

    Will this machine be sufficient for LR and/or PSE?

    My home situation is about to change drastically, and I'm probably not going to get custody of my current computer.

    So I need to get something quick and cheap!

    Will the laptop in this deal be sufficient? I mainly use Lightroom and PSE for my editing work.

    If it is not recommended, what would you recommend for close to the same price?

    I basically want something that will get me by for at least the next few months until I see where I land on my feet...

    Edited to add:
    I also just came across this deal - (fixed bad link)
    Better? Worse? I'm thinking I may want a lap top because of the uncertainty of my immediate future.....
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    May the force be with you Canuck935's Avatar
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    Apr 2003
    San Diego, California, USA

    Re: Will this machine be sufficient for LR and/or PSE?

    The second link didn't work for me. The HP in the first link I think should do just fine. The only negative I see is that it has a slower hard drive, which will mean longer loading times. You won't see too many laptops with faster hard drives though since they drain batteries faster. Solid state drives are another fast option, but a lot more expensive.

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    Senior Member Anbesol's Avatar
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    Re: Will this machine be sufficient for LR and/or PSE?

    depends on what you are shooting, and whether or not you're doing raw. Jpegs from a 6 mp camera would be easily done on any PC, raw 24mp images however, would require more as ideal. You will of course get more power with a desktop, I actually always recomend building your own - prebuilt machines use mostly and often times entirely junky parts, with limited BIOS option, less hardware flexibility, etc. Cant do it if you are wanting a laptop, but if you go with a desktop I would definitely build one. If you don't have a build it store near you (Like a Fries or Micro center or the sort), then newegg has all the parts you need. Best Buy is a terrible place to look for that stuff so dont even bother with them.
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