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    Stock photo sites?

    Okay, well I am certainly no expert at photography, but (not as a hit to any of the "experts" I feel anyone is capable of taking a picture that someone else would love).

    So, I have browsed through a few stock photo sites and signed up for some too. Maybe those with first-hand experience would be best to reply -- but anyone with input please reply with:

    Site Name/URL:
    Allowed to submit photo to other sites? Yes/no
    Commission type? $$$/download credits/something else
    If get paid $$$, minimum amount before actually getting the money?

    Off the top of my head I THINK that's it...

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    Re: Stock photo sites?

    Welcome to the forum! I was going to post a thread similar to this, but just haven't gotten around to it. I hope you don't mind, but I would like to add a few questions to your list.

    I have seen some sites that pay based on the size of the image file requested. I think it topped out at $25 for the largest file, and you would get half of that.

    I also read about a site that pays 2 cents per download. I don't remember the name of it tho. I will have to do some digging thru my old magazines to find it.

    My big question is, what if a huge company finds an image and want's to use it in a multi-million dollar add campaign? Yeah, it's a streatch, but I would be a little PO'd if I saw one of my images plastered all over a magazine and who knows what else and I only got $12.50 for it.

    So who is it that uses these sites and buys these images, and what are they used for? Do you have any say in who gets to use them and for what? It's an easy way to open yourself up to a global market, but the easy way, isn't always the best way...

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    Re: Stock photo sites?

    Site Name/URL: Cut and Deal ( - focusses on gambling, gaming and sports (betting)
    Allowed to submit photo to other sites? Yes
    Commission type? 50% of revenue



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