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    Slide duplicators digital cameras and parts

    What do you all think of the slide duplicators that attach the lens of your digital camera? I have a dimage A2 and was thinking of getting one of these to do some slides and for some negatives we have. I've seen this Opteka copier and a very similar Bower and wondered if anyone can say good or bad about them. Also in the parts picture I was wondering if anyone know where I could buy that carrier that holds the negatives. Or if you have one lying around you'd like to sell??

    Thank You
    Thomas G.

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    Depends on quality

    It really depends on the kind of image quality you're looking for. I can't recall seeing any samples from a digital slide duplicator. But I can't imagine they come anywhere near the quality of a good film scanner. And since the price of a good film scanner is now below $1000, that's what I would go for. I guess it depends on your budget and expectations.

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    Re: Slide duplicators digital cameras and parts

    I haven't heard very good things about them - if you're looking for a high quality image anyway. I suppose they would be quick and easy for a quick record or catalog of your slides or negs, but they probably won't make a good print.

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