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    Secure storage during weddings for wedding photographers

    I would like to buy a bag in which I can securely store my lenses and back up cameras during weddings. What do you use?
    I know assistant is the solution who can watch your bag but a lot of time is is just not feasable. Also, I can carry all the cameras and the lenses on me but it is impractical a lot of times...
    What I am looking for is something which is hard to take from the without somebody noticing it and I can lock it.
    Somebody suggested that I can get bags which have an alarm...
    It would be great if I didn't have to worry about my stuff all the time.

    I appreciate your help!

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    Re: Secure storage during weddings for wedding photographers

    you can certainly by pelican hard cases and lock them with a padlock. You can buy them in bright colours which would make them stick out and you can probably use a chain or bike d lock through the handle to a table or chair or lightpost or something but that really isn't that practical, and still isn't theft proof. I guess the most practical thing is to find a rig that lets you comfortably carry what you need and lock the rest out of sight in your car. vigilance is the best tool. When I was at uni, the staff in the media centre used to try and steal the gear we borrowed whilst we were filming around campus. If they successfully stole any equipment you weren't allowed to borrow it for a month. Most people were robbed at least once, but it taught us all vigilant. If i do have to put my camera bag down when I am on a shoot, I usually stick my leg through the handle. I used to have a pair of cargo pants with a million pockets and I could fit a lens in each pocket which meant that I only needed to carry the cameras, no bag. This might be an option for you, or a photo vest or harness system, so you can have everything on your person but spread the weight so you are not overloaded with a heavy bag.
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