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    Protect your pictures!

    Frequently,someone is to become involved in this problem.His(or her) images and photos on his(or her) store(or website) are accessible to everyone. Maybe the property is being used by others in their store,homepages, forum or newsgroups. I just want to tell you how to make copyright to the pictures that no one can steal your works that you made.

    There are several ways:
    1)you can add watermark Over a Photo in Photoshop,you can read the help article from

    2)some tools give ready-made templates,with these templates you can add watermark.

    3)you can include text or emblem at different places in your images with some specialized programs as Bacth watermark creator.Download from


    Here I add watermark with Batch watermark creator.
    1. Load an image list by clicking on the "Add" button or select "file/add files".Click "Icon View" button.

    2. Select a template from the watermark templates,if you can't find a content template,you can found one by clicking the " template" button,in the template you can add the items. the "preview" button,you can preview the effects. Select a output folder and
    click "run" to apply the watermark to the images.

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    Re: Protect your pictures!

    Well, watermarking is not very effective if your image has been copied few hundred times and now everyone has it.

    One method that works very well is fingerprinting the images with user's name. This approach allows you to know who stole your image if you find a copy floating on the internet or a Peer-to-Peer network.

    So what's so great about knowing WHO STOLE your image? If you collected their CREDIT CARD numbers, you can charge them!!! In practice, it's a strong enough deterrent that people don't steal images.

    Newer generation software can embed the user's name into the image. This stamp persists even after screen-capturing, cropping, etc.

    A company that does this as on-the-fly web protection service is:

    Below is an image from their website that explains the process:

    They can also make saving/downloading your images very difficult. If you try printing an image protected by their server, it will print text with a copyright notice instead!
    Hope this helps someone!

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    Re: Protect your pictures!

    You can use Easy Watermark Creator program for this.

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    Re: Protect your pictures!

    Create a text file of your copyright information, use a meduim gray. Then use Bevel and Emboss to make it look three-dimensional. Save it, and then any time you want to watermark a photo, open it and drag the text onto your photo, and lower the opacity so it loks just like a watermark. FLATTEN the image so people can't take out the copyright info.

    If they want a clean copy, they can pay for it!

    This example was chosen to show clearly the watermark effect.
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Protect your pictures!-macrorest3.jpg  
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    Re: Protect your pictures!


    I use bacth watermark creator for my work!

    It is very easy-to-use!!

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    Re: Protect your pictures!

    Quote Originally Posted by jarrytom
    I use bacth watermark creator for my work!
    Is that something built into Photoshop or is it another software package?

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