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    Pictures from Rebel XTI 400

    I just got the camera and love it, what i dont understand is how to get pictures to be the standard 4x6 all my pictures are huge.Any suggestions?

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    Re: Pictures from Rebel XTI 400

    they are huge because the resolution of your screen is not the actual print size. if you were to resize something to 4x6 on your screen, then the biggest it would be able to print is wallet size, at that. Every image is essentially scaled down from your screen, because printers can print at a higher resolution than a computer screen. you can to leave the images at the big size if they are going to be printed, but if you just want to resize them, just search the web for a resizing program. there are a bunch of freeware programs out there that will do it for you. I use goldberg for mac.

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