I received a broken laptop recently (Athlon xp-3000), it only had a problem with the bios communication to the boot sector of the hard drive. But, I managed to install Ubuntu 8 (a Linux OS) on a 'grub' boot loading program. I am amazed at the speed, function, and reliability of it. It works great with memory management, keeps the hardware stable but fluid, it runs like a champ, its like the cheap apple. It even comes installed, not with junk and free trial crap, but everything you need - from bit torrent clients, to email, internet, and office programs. Their are even ways of installing photoshop on it. My question is - has anybody here any experience with using photoshop in a linux environment? How does it perform compared to a comparably equipped Windows unit? The max I would expect from it is for Jpeg use on 12 megapixel images, mind you I may be working in layered environments from time to time. Its an Athlon XP-m 3000 machine, 756 ram, 333 bus.