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    photos upside down

    Got a roll of film developed and got them put on a disc,when i install the disc all the photos are upside down and even though i can rotate them individually which is a bit of an inconvenience they dont stay right side up when i reinstall the disc at a future time,also when i rotate the photo right side up to send as an email the photos arrive upside down Grrrrrrrrrrr,what the heck is going on??

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    Re: photos upside down

    Some cameras orient the image one way on the films and some the other. Point and shoot cameras often flip the image such that the way film processors are setup the image is upside down. It is a result of the camera optics or more usually the direction the film feeds through the camera.

    When you rotate the picture to send it, do you save it before you attach it to email? If not then the link is probably going to just use what is in the generic .TMP space and it is still unrotated.

    The disk (CD-R I presume?) is not going to change. The images will stay rotated the same way. The only thing I could suggest is if you are using some library software or gallery software that creates folders with new parameters for images is that it is set to "retain" or "use stored parameters" or something like that so that the images when displayed will not return to the file default. If you are using such a piece of software we can look up the appropriate parameters if they are available. Else just copy the desired images to the a hard drive and rotate them and save.

    Hope this answers your question or gets you started in the right direction.
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    Re: photos upside down

    If it's walgreens photoCD, they probably ran the film through backwards. So the images are upside down in the disc. I suggest you simply put them on your computer, turn them all over as a batch (you can highlight them all at once). Inform the people who developed the film that it was upside down next time, hopefully they'll get it right the next time.

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