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    Photo kiosk business

    Greetings my fellow community. I want start up a business and venturing into instant photo kiosk is one of the direction my compass points.
    Please fellow advice me on how to start

    Is photo kiosk profitable business to venture into, as compare to conventional minilab

    What is the cost of a photo printed in photo kiosk, which one is costlier kiosk or minilab

    Is photo kiosk troublesome in terms of maintenance, and what are consumables photo kiosk needs for continuous production?

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    Re: Photo kiosk business

    Well...I can't answer much, but I can think of 2 consumables...paper and ink. Oh and of course...POWER!!!
    I would imagine you would need a place that had a high amount of traffic. Such as in a photo store or a WalMart, KMart or Target photo center. Sorry I can't suggest any more thoughts.

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    Re: Photo kiosk business

    Like Ken said, a high traffic area is key. Someplace like a local grocery store, drug store or convenience store would make a lot of sense to me. Places where people go on a regular basis.

    There is a local photographer in my town who has a small kiosk in his store. He does mostly family and senior portraits and weddings, but he has some prints for sale as well. I don't know if he does any business with his kiosk or not. I know his prices are higher than other places like Wal-mart, and there is a drug store just down the block that has a kiosk as well. I have never used either one of them so I don't know much about them.

    The local guy had a bigger store a hear ago where he had the kiosk, as well as a mini lab for developing film and making prints. He relocated and got rid of the mini lab when a new Super Walmart, and Wallgreen's opened up in the same town he had his store in. He couldn't compete with them.

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    Re: Photo kiosk business

    How much money do you expect to make?
    Most every kiosks sell 4x6 prints at .25 cents each. If you did 200 prints a day that would be $50 gross. Subtract rent, paper ,ink, initial machine cost, service contract for repair, and a way to collect the money for the prints and whats left for you? I'm sure I left something out. I did! What about do overs when the machine fouls up as they are bound to do some times. I don't thin a kioak alone will cut it. Do you have a stote front now?

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