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    Photo-John here is the original pic...

    ....I look forward to seeing what y'all can do with this picture. I don't have photoshop, I used Picasa to make my simple changes.

    I thought it looked better B&W and with the guy cropped out.

    Thanks again and I love this site, It's great for somone like me that knows almost nothing about photography but loves taking pics and wants to learn more. There are really A LOT of talented people on this site.

    My changes with picasa

    The original pic

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    Senior Member WsW-WYATT-EARP's Avatar
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    Re: Photo-John here is the original pic...

    i took a stab at it ... first reduced the noise some .. did some auto color and sharpening ..

    then cloned out the blue items in the pic and the guy ... and cloned out the reflections in the water ...

    then i converted into b&w and sepia ...

    i am by far and expert at photoshop but did the best i could ... learning as i go and figured i would take a stab at this ... hope ya don't mind ..

    i went with cloning the guy out instead of cropping .. i think the cropping of him puts the woman too close to the edge ... i am sure someone with better cloning abilities would do a much better job

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    Re: Photo-John here is the original pic...

    My take is leaving the color and guy in, and just editing for best image:

    -Joe U.

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