I am a digital photographer specialized in wedding photography. For a long time I was using online photo proofing service like digiproofs but few months back I came across a new photo proofing service MyPhotoSelection.com. They have a unique One click system where in entire software I (or my customers in that case) does not need to use double click anywhere, As I am getting customers from various age group & various computer skills this was “the most easy software” I ever have seen. And top of all I process my own payments & use my own lab.

Their ‘My Photo Selection’ proofing Cds have made my customers life very easy for selecting photos as in one event we have 1000+ photos to select from 2000+ total pictures taken. Even sorting & separating of selection takes couple of minutes.

They are also providing online photo albums which help me to collect information about marketing of my studio. I am not too knowledgeable in computers; I got my own site manager from MyPhotoSelection.com who helps me in every steps of photo proofing cycle.
You may also want to check out & request a demo from www.MyPhotoSelection.com

Thank you
Joe Thomas