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    Off Camera Storage while Traveling

    Hi Folks,

    I was just curious what people are using for off camera storage devices (i.e. Epson P-4000). A couple years ago I purchased an Adaptec portable CD burner so that I could offload my memory card. One advantage of using this type of device is that for each offload, I would burn two copies. I'd then keep one copy in my luggage and the second would be dropped in the mail, sent to my home. The obvious benefit is that should my luggage, camera bag, etc be lost, I'd still have another copy in the mail.

    The big disadvantage to this approach is that I really had no way of validating wether or not I had a good burn of the CD.

    If anyone's willing to share their approach to this issue, I'd appreciate it.

    Rob Mac
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    Learning more with every "click" mjs1973's Avatar
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    Re: Off Camera Storage while Traveling

    I use my laptop as storage while traveling. It's not something I would take into the feild, but it's great for when I get back to the campsite, or hotel. I can burn disc's with it if I want extra security as well. One other thing I do, if I have enough memory cards, is to not delete the image off of them until I know I have them all stored somewhere else. With the price of memory cards so cheap now, this is a pretty simple and inexpensive option. Check out for cheap memory cards.

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    Re: Off Camera Storage while Traveling

    I use my laptop as well. I've gotten so used to carrying it on my back I can pack all my gear and it doesn't bother me. The nice thing about carrying the laptop with me while out nature shooting is I can make sure I got the shot.
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    Re: Off Camera Storage while Traveling

    I'm all about using a laptop. Not only can I offload my photos from the memory cards, but I can burn the images, email them (if I can get an internet connection in the field), or edit them for immediate delivery.
    Sean Massey
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    Re: Off Camera Storage while Traveling

    I use the XS Drive II.

    I tried a Phototainer, but it died within a year, and again just out of warranty.
    It is now a pile of circuit board and screws on my desk as it turned into a smoke-emitting device.

    I want a Sanho Hyperdrive SPACE, but there's no UK distributor.

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