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Thread: A New One

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    A New One

    A couple of months ago we were discussing monitor specfications, and now, my
    faithful old Gateway FP1830 has finally given up the ghost. I guess its to be
    expected after five years. So I had to rush out and buy something... and here it is...

    It's an LG 1960-something-or-other, an inch larger--19 instead of 18, and seems to
    be much brighter, but I don't know if that's good or bad. Now... how does one go
    about creating a monitor "profile" for Photoshop?
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    Re: A New One

    The bad news is that you'll need to get your wallet back out. the good news is, you probably don't need to do it right away.

    monitor calibration requires a colorimeter, such as Colorvision's Spyder2 series or GretagMacbeth's Eye one display. These will range anywhere from $79.00 to $249.00, depending on your needs. If you're using your monitor in the same room( kind of obvious, what with it being 19' and all...) and the room's lighting doesn't change much, then I'd start by looking at the Spyder2Suite, which retails around $100.00. It doesn't take ambient room lighting into account, and doesn't have a few other bells and whistles, but it's what I started with, and it works fine. The biggest reason I traded up was that I started using a laptop in different lighting environments.

    As I said earlier, you probably don't need to do this right away though. Generally speaking, the factory presets are good for a month or two before things really start looking wrong. The best way to tell is to make a print, and check it against your screen.

    Hope this helps.

    - Joe U.
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