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    Jan 2009

    New member needs calibration help

    Iím new here but what a great forum!
    Several years ago MS introduced color management to XP via Microsoft Color Control Panel Applet . Since I am only using a single monitor is this worth downloading and messing with?
    I have a new monitor coming- an HP LP2475w. Iím not sure but I think Iíve read that I can store up to four profiles with this monitor. Presumably I can then switch on the fly. I further assume this is done via the software that comes with either the monitor or possible that comes with the calibration software. A friend has a new copy of the Spyder3 Elite that he is going to let me use for calibration.
    SoÖ. my questions are:
    1) Do I need the MS?
    2) Do the multi profiles come from the included HP software or from the Spyder3 Elite software?
    3) Do I even need multi profiles? (I was going to set two profiles for different lighting conditions i.e. daytime with sunlight and night time with standard room lights.)

    Background- Iím a newbie but I thought Iíd start out doing things right (for my budget). The software Iíve have and plan to use is PS Elements 7 and Lightroom 2.2. Camera is a Nikon D70s. Computer is a Dell 530 w/Core2 Quad, 4GB ram and video card- ATI Radeon HD 3450 256MB. Iím using XP Pro w/s.p.2. I also have a Wacom Bamboo. Iíve not hooked up or installed any of this yet but I thought everything should start with monitor calibration. I plan to install the Adobe apps and remove Adobe Gamma before I do my Spyder calibration. I should add; I do not plan on calibrating a printer. My plan is to simply get my photos the way Iíd like and then take them to my local (and very close) Samís Club for printing.
    Any help to above questions would be appreciated.
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    Re: New member needs calibration help

    Welcome to the site, 504lazet! Glad to see you're trying to start out doing things right. Color management is so much more important than most photographers realize.

    My advice is to keep it simple. Just use the Spider to profile your monitor and leave it at that. I don't think you need more than one profile. If you have your monitor in a good spot, without any dramatic backlighting or direct light, you should be fine. And really, you're already ahead of the game in that you're going to start with a profiled monitor. Most people don't even have that.

    I had forgotten about the Microsoft application. I had a note on my Treo forever about it. But since I never did download it, I don't think it can be that valuable. Maybe you should try it and let us know

    I hope that helps. Relax. Keep it simple. Don't make things harder than they need to be

    Your reviews are the foundation of this site - Write A Review!

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    Re: New member needs calibration help

    Hey John,
    I have Spider on the way, so don't go anywhere, argue with the wife, slip on a banana or anything like that for a while. I might need you.
    In the meantime, I have a related question about monitors:
    I have a fairly new Dell flatscreen, which I suppose is better than most use, but I notice its luminace is different when I'm not totally centered in front of it. In fact, just moving my head to one side or the other just a little gives the screen a slightly grayer cast and even changes some of the color hues slightly.
    Will calibration correct this, or will I still have to make sure I sit squarely when viewing images?

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    Hillsboro, OR, USA

    Re: New member needs calibration help

    Make sure you sit squarely. What you're describing is a function of the monitor, not the color profile. It's the same for me. I have a laptop, and a few degrees more or less on the screen can make all the difference in the world. Try opening a laptop exactly the same every time. Fortunately, I've built a form for my laptop that allows me to do just that.

    - Joe U.
    I have no intention of tiptoeing through life only to arrive safely at death.

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    Re: New member needs calibration help

    IMO the downloadable Microsoft colour application is almost worth what you pay for it.

    Scroll down to the Sports Forum and post your sports pictures !

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