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    A new kind of device, listening to music without having to rely on headphones

    A new kind of device, listening to music without having to rely on headphones-ahr0chm6ly9zlmlzyw5vb2suy29tl2hplzavdwqvmzazlze1mtcxntevmtmuanbn.jpg

    Try painting yourself moving around in front of your computer screen, listening to your favorite music, playing loud computer games. Or watching a movie with other people Those sounds were not heard at all. Israeli company Noveto Systems introduced a new technology called "Sound Beaming".
    At the beginning of Nov. The company launched a desktop-compatible device that delivers sound directly to listeners without the need for a specialized headset or receiver.
    Noveto Systems gave The Associated Press (AP) the opportunity to test the SoundBeamer 1.0 technology prior to its launch, and AP correspondent Louise Dixon reports that listening to the device is identical to that of a science movie. The noise sounded so close that it felt like it was in the ear. Including the sound of that sound in front, above and behind the audience
    Noveto expects the device to be a number of benefits. Office workers can listen to music or make a conference call without others hearing the specific sound they hear. And people can play games, watch movies or listen to music without disturbing other people who are in the same room. Moreover, because the devices are not using headphones. Therefore we can still hear other voices Clearly in the room
    Both devices use 3D technology to locate and track the ear position of the listener. Ultrasonic waves are then sent to create a tiny soundproof bulb. Near the user's ear
    SoundBeamer 1.0 can also support both stereo sound mode. Or a 3D mode of sound, in which this 3D sound mode creates a sound that surrounds the audience
    People experimenting with the technology for the first time often say in one voice: This technology is incredible. Because it is listening to the sound that is like listening from the speakers But no one else heard
    In addition, when changing settings The sound will follow the audience around. While moving the head And the listener can still move away from the sound path and will not hear anything.
    However, while the concept of sound beaming is not new, Noveto is the first to launch the technology.Noveto Chief Executive Christophe Ramstein said a "smaller" version of the device will be available to consumers next year. แทงบอล

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    Re: A new kind of device, listening to music without having to rely on headphones

    I go to the gym, and recently my headphones fell out during training, and got under the simulator, they broke and I had to look for new wired workout headphones, I went shopping, but then I just wrote wired workout headphones in Google, went to the first I chose the site, ordered, and now they are already with me!

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