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    Museum Mat Question

    Are there different quality Museum Mat Board. I found some on ebay that are cheaper then other places and was wondering im I losing quality.

    Any opinions on them.

    Another source im looking into.

    What is everyone thoughts on these 2 sources for museum mats, I plan on cutting myself.
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    Re: Museum Mat Question


    The prices on the second vendor are not bad depending upon shipping and handling charges. Also how well they ship and be sure you don't get bent or damaged mats.

    I didn't get the ebay vendor to load properly ( The internet has been slow and messed up today ) but it is an ebay vendor. They may be fine today and sell out tomorrow!

    Personally I have most of my work mounted and framed by someone else, who supplies me with most of my mounting supplies. But when not, I really prefer to purchase locally to avoid the problems with shipping if it is at all possible. Art and craft supply stores (including chains like Michael's and Hobby Lobby) will discount bulk purchases if you buy the whole box, crate, etc. It may be a 'special order' but worth it. After all, reasonably stored, mat board does not go bad.

    I've cut a fair number of mats and backings and still like to have some spare pieces, just in case I mess up or the blades get dull at the wrong time.

    If you do order add a note to this or to the vendor posts about how well either place services your order.
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    Re: Museum Mat Question

    Thanks for the advice
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