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    manual photo combination

    I have a photo and I need to just arrange it in a 2x2 configuration so it is in a

    X X
    X X

    formation. (each X being the photo). I need to be able to create that file and then save it as a jpeg (so wallet printing programs won't work I don't think) I have been trying to do this for the past few days with no luck....photostitch is completely useless. I do not want to have any overlap, but I can deal with a black border between each corner image. A program like photostitch that allows a REAL manual mode would be great.

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    Re: manual photo combination

    If you have Photoshop you can do this easily. I've got CS2 (I think PS 7 is the same way), and you can goto File -> Automate -> Picture Package. From there you can tell it to put your images in many different configurations on one sheet of paper. I've included an example of using that automation, fitting 20 2x2 images on one 8x10. From there you can send it out to get printed or print it at home and just cut them up. You can also customize the layout so it would only be 4 2x2 images.
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    Re: manual photo combination

    I would do it using the guides in Photoshop. I made this with layers and guides. I would save the layered file with the guides and use it as a template. Anything you drop in will stick to the guides. Once you have it layed out you can flatten it and save as a JPG.
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