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    Lightroom 2.1 - Final 2.1 Update Released

    The Version 2.1 update for Lightroom is now available:

    Windows Version

    Macintosh Version

    Lightroom 2.1 ReadMe file
    CDPrice 'drg'
    Biography and Contributor's Page

    Please do not edit and repost any of my photographs.

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    Re: Lightroom 2.1 - Final 2.1 Update Released

    Finally, I knew this was going to come as soon as I installed 2.0 and used it a few times.
    I downloaded 2.1 last night and have not used it very much yet, but I immediately noticed an improvement in performance both with selective processing and with reading from the database/catalogue. The on and off again lag seems to have been resolved.
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    Re: Lightroom 2.1 - Final 2.1 Update Released

    I think when you add the 'Camera Matching Profiles' (currently available as beta-2)
    to LR2.1, the value of LR really goes up. Why? Because you can obtain a great
    RAW image without using NX.

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