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    Lightroom 1.1 - Caution!

    While upgrading one of the notebooks, a problem occured due to 'incomplete' upgrades of Microsoft XP. A few, the real number not yet known, critical updates not done and some missing drivers resulted in:

    1. Lightroom 1.1 not intstalled.
    2. Lightroom 1.0 removed but not completely.
    3. Restore to a previous time didn't work because of 'stubs' or the like left on the hard drive. Lightroom was and wasn't there.
    4. Removed Lightroom directories manually and reinstalled easily.

    Good news, it did not remove ANY indexes so everything came back.

    Now the problem is whether or not the system needs to be completly reloaded , since Microsoft Update doesn't see anything that needs to be done. That is, to get LR1.1 working.

    Be warned, if your machine has missed any updates there may be a critical one that loads some driver. I don't know which one, but the installation of LR1.1 on the notebook in question find something missing and leaves you with an error message.

    The one DLL is from Service Pack 2. It is there, but somehow it isn't being recognized.

    The problem can be recovered from to LR 1.0.

    Update to follow, though I think the easy solution is to just reload everything. A lot of different software was loaded and unloaded from the notebook and I wonder if that may be the problem.
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    Re: Lightroom 1.1 - Caution!

    OUCH! Sorry to hear about the probs drg. Keep us updated on what happens. First time I went to update to 1.1, I got an error message saying the installation file was corrupted. I redownloaded the file and had no problems with the installation afterwards. I made full backups to DVD-R's of the database files and pic files before upgrading just in case. Hopefully won't be too much of a problem for you to get back up. Let us know how it goes and what you find out.

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