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    Branson, MO, USA

    LCD Flat Panel Monitor/Display

    I'm new to this Forum. I am looking to purchase a new LCD Flat Panel Monitor for my computer. I do LOTS of photo editing and my current Flat Screen CRT has really played havoc with my eyesight over the years.

    Can anyone suggest a 19 or 20.1 inch, that is especially suited for high quality digital photo editing? I can't have any blurr or ghosting and preferrably with really good contrast and pixel pitch. And it probably can't be a Sony, because they are too pricey for my budget.

    It has been suggested to me that the ViewSonic or the Dell might be good options and I just looked at a marvelous Westinghouse LCD Flat Panel last night that had great color tones compared to anything else the store had on display. The only trouble is, I can't find them being sold anywhere else, other than Best Buy and I would like to find it on-line.

    The other problem is, there are so many different models within a product line, that I would just like to hear someone say, "....This model number is really the best!" I guess I'm asking for too much, but ANY help would be appreciated.
    Branson, Missouri

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    Re: LCD Flat Panel Monitor/Display

    This was posted in the webdesign forum not being a webdeisgn issue but a computer issue I would suggest that you visit and repost your question in there as it is really a computer related question. I am moving this to another forum as well which is more appropriate.

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    Re: LCD Flat Panel Monitor/Display

    I am using the LaCie 321 flat panel, it's one of the few flat panels that can equal (or surpass) the quality of a good CRT.

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