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Thread: Layers?

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    how would i go about putitng a picture together where i took pictures of a band... seperate, but the same backround, now i want to added them into the image like have all 4 members in the photo, i cant seem to figure it out, im useing photoshop cs 2

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    Re: Layers?

    Layers is correct.

    Open all of the photos and then copy and paste each separate image onto one. That will create the layers. Then, unless you used a tripod, you need to justify the layers - get them in place so they all mesh together. To do this, I recommending changing the transparency to 50% for the layers, one at a time. In other words, turn off all but the background and one layer, which you'll change to 50% transparency. Then move it around, rotate it, etc., to get it perfectly justified with the background layer.

    Justify the rest of your layers and then restore the transparency to 100%.

    There are two ways to get all the subjects together in one image. You can use a Layer Mask or you can delete the backgrounds on all but the background layer. Making a Layer Mask for each layer will work the best. Just select the area you want to keep and make your Layer mask so the selection shows up. You can edit your mask by going into the Channels pallette and using a paintbrush and eraser to touch up your mask. The nice thing about using the Layer mask is you can always go back and edit it. You don't actually delete any of your layers.

    I rushed this description, so if I missed anything or you get stuck, let me know.

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