Hello everyone, fortunately I've just come across these forums. I have created a software called EditReady that I'm trying to get feedback on and promote.

In a nutshell its a online digital photo sorting and selecting system. It is similar to other computer software with the big difference of existing online. You can create accounts for any number of people, the photographer, assistant, art director, etc. Everyone can login and choose their selects for the most recent job, then whoever is in charge can use this to finalize and narrow down the shoot to a few images, from thousands.

Current clients include GQ, CBS/Paramount, InStyle magazine and so on. It was initially intended to be used by larger companies where many people are involved in the selection process. Individual photographers use it so their clients/models can choose their favorite shots to print up. There are many features available that I can go over if anyone is interested.

There are currently two versions, the live version which has been around for over a year, and one thats in the works, which is very close to being finished. I keep adding new features though when a client suggests something to me that sounds like a good idea.

Current live version
login: demo
pass: demo

New version in progress
login: demo
pass: demo

Take a look if you are interested!


Clayton Graff