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    Ignorant software question

    Hey everyone, just a quick question required for enlightenment...

    Do they make editing software for film cameras? Is it simply a matter of scanning the image to the computer, and then editing with Adobe or other softwares? Do all "digital" software editors work with film cameras? Is it even worth the effort as far as quality is concerned, or should I just get a digital SLR?

    The problem is that I do not have a camera as of yet, and I am picking one up as soon as I can decide what I want. I was looking at a film SLR, as I can get a used Nikon N75 for about $150. However, when looking at software programs it seems that they are all geared towards digital pictures. What to do.


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    Re: Ignorant software question

    If you scan a film negative, you then have a digital picture. At that point, in principle, any digital editing software may be used, notwithstanding issues of file formats supported by the scanner and the editing software. I supposed there used to be analog editing capability--such as you might see for editing VHS video, or cassette audio tapes--and there may still be such, but I guess it would be very expensive. So, ask the pros about whether you should use film and scan, or start with a digital camera. Personally, I find digital photography is a lot easier, quicker, and cheaper to become proficient (maybe even professional?), and I wish it had been available (affordable) 25 years ago. Digital has certainly brought amazing capability to novices like me.
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    Re: Ignorant software question

    Here's the main question as I see it. Do you have a good quality scanner? If the answer to that question is no, then understand you're going to pay about as much to get one as you would to get a decent DSLR. If you have a scanner, find an old photo and scan it in. Open the digital image and see what kind of resolution you have. An 8mp camera creates images that are 3456 pixels by 2304 pixels. That's as good as any for comparison sake.

    -Joe U.

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    Re: Ignorant software question

    I had done what you're planning, a film SLR and a film scanner. After the initial 'wow' factor I found I was using the scanner less and less. In fact, I had given up altogether and just ordered a CD each time from the lab where I processed my film. Sure my film scanner gives me better resolution (the standard scan from labs are for 4x6 inches at 300ppi), but it was just too much of a pain.

    Now the scanner is mostly a paperweight on my desk as I have gone to a digital SLR. The problem with scanning film is that is just takes a lot of work and time. The effort I was putting into scanning could have gone into going out and taking more pictures.

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