I went to add some keywords to some photos I took this morning, and when I clicked on the kyewords tab in Bridge, I almost crapped my pants. The only words listed in there are the default keywords. I had a lot of words I have added over the last couple of years, and they are all gone. :mad2: Last night I uninstalled a bunch of programs from my PC that I have never used, trying to free up some HD space, and make the computer run a little better. I made sure I didn't delete anything that said Adobe on it.

This morning when I started up PS, it said there was an update available, so I installed the update. Right after that is when I noticed the keywords were gone. Any idea how I can get them back? I do have an older copy of the Adobebrigekeywords.xml file that I can replace the defaults with and it has most of my keywords on it, but not all. I think that file is still a year old. It will give me most of them, but not all of them...

Any ideas on how to get all of them back?