I have both a mac and a pc. I just finished downloading a bunch of pictures off a Fuji F11 with a 1G xD card to lightroom with the camera pluged in by wire. Lightroom wouldn't download my movie files so I tried firing up iMovie which didn't seem to want to import. I'd formerly used the Fuji software on the PC but wanted these on my Mac.

My next step was to pull the card out of the camera (I wish I hadn't done this) and to put it into my sandisk sddr-89 card reader which is a really popular one. The slot is kind of funky for xd cards but I got it in correctly I'm confident of that. Still no luck with iMovie. I also didn't see the card show up as a mounted drive so I could just copy off the files one by one. I tried this on the PC as well. Still no luck.

Now is when dismay set in. I put the card back in the camera and got a card error. I tried downloading several of the card recovery programs out there but none of them seemed to identify the card when it was plugged into the card reader. It showed up in explorer but when I would click on the drive (F: in this case) it would just hang there, then eventually error out (I forget the exact error). I did see the green light of the card reader come on so it knew there was SOMETHING int here.

Since I'd already retrieved the pictures, none of this was tragic, but I would like to get those movies back. Since neither the card reader nor the camera seem to want to read the card, I'm uncertain how on earth I can get anything off of it. Has anyone gone through this ?

Anyone know a more reliable xD card reader ? This reader has read zillions of pictures off my CF cards.