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    GPS controlled camera?

    Hi, can anyone out there help me with something?

    I want to put a camera in a car and take a picture every ten metres..

    like location-lapse photography..

    how can it be done?

    any assistance appreciated

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    Re: GPS controlled camera?

    I would drive it from the car, not from GPS.
    GPS systems only update about once a second, which is far further than every ten metres !

    Most modern cars have wheel sensors for ABS and somewhere in the car the computer senses that for the speedo signal. You'd need a wiring diagram for the car to find where that speed signal is, and then some electronics to tap into it.
    At risk of damaging the car though, and that's not a nice prospect

    Alternatively you could make your own sensor, on the rear wheel easiest because it doesn't (shouldn't) move sideways. Simplest would be a reflectance sensor, paint a white line on the tyre and use a light and sensor to pick up that passing once every wheel revolution.
    From your wheel and tyre size you know the distance travelled for each revolution of the wheel and then you can work out how often to fire the shutter.
    It may not be a nice multiple of the wheel revolution though, so it may require a little maths to work out exactly 10 metres. But if 2 or 3 revolutions of the wheel is close enough, then your job is easier.
    Or paint 3 or 4 lines and track it every 120 or 90 degrees for better resolution.

    Last step is turning that into an electrical or mechanical shutter release.
    This is where is could get expensive, you need to make a release that won't damage yoor camera.
    I'd go for optical isolation, so that an electrical failure on the equipment side shouldn't destroy the camera electronics.
    Or a solenoid that pushes the shutter release button if your camera doesn't have a remote electonic shutter release.

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