Just found this on another forum and thought I would share.This could be darn handy for us! Only on for the rest of the day if u want a free copy! I tried it out and was quite impressed.


Reshade helps you enlarge images without losing quality. Quickly and easily resize images using the automatic settings or get in full control and manually tweak the results to perfection.

Having the most advanced features of any resizing application Reshade allows accurate, high quality and realistic enlargements at any zoom factor. Go ahead and try it, express yourself!
Main Features

* Innovative scaling algorithm - allows for over 2000% enlargements with no loss in clarity;
* Easy to use interface - simple adjustments, with quick preview;
* Fast access - use keyboard shortcuts to open and save files;
* Drag and drop - open files directly from your internet or file browser;
* Multiple file types - support various formats including jpeg, png, bmp;
* Standard image modes - can use CMYK, RGB and grayscale images.