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    Epson P-6000 or Netbook

    My PC is getting completely bogged down by many photos (both current and scanning old family photos). I have an external drive but I'd like a more portable way to save photos on the go and show photos to others.

    I'm trying to decide between an Epson P series or a small inexpensive netbook.

    Is there an approximate amount of "average quality" digital photos that can be stored on the Epson? I shoot and scan using the parameters for printing up to 8"x10"s with slightly better than average quality settings.

    Most of my current digitals are from a Canon SX20 IS, Canon S5 IS, and a Canon 1N.

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    Re: Epson P-6000 or Netbook

    I guess it depends on your preferences, but if it were me I'd go a different route altogether. I just got an older HP DV4-1125nr laptop and love it. It's light weight, has a 14 inch screen and way more processing power than any netbook. You can pickup a used 14 inch laptop for about the same price as a new netbook and it can do way more than what you may need now, but its easy to upgrade the hard drive and can even do some mild photo processing on the go. I think that the Epson P-series is way over priced and, in my opinion, the screen isn't much better than looking at the back of your camera. Just stay away form the Intel Celeron (sell and run!), and the new Pentium line (it replaced the Celeron line). I really don't know much about AMD processor except that I've never had good luck with them. (I'm a Computer Support Technology student and have worked with a LOT of computers) Hope this helps! Post back if you have any more questions.
    Feel free to edit my images, just let me know what you did.

    Nikon D90 w/18-105 VR, 70-300VR, 35mm f1.8G &Tamron 10-24 f3.5-4.5
    Nikon SB-600 Speedlight (x2) w/ Gary Fong 1/2 Cloud Light Sphere (x2) and 1 Cloud
    Slik Pro 700DX tripod w/Vanguard SBH-200 ball-head
    Panasonic ZS8

    My photo's:

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