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Thread: Copying to CDs

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    Copying to CDs

    Hello and help!

    What's the best way to copy my thousands of pics from the computer to Cds?

    I have PictureProject and once I copies them across only to find that I could not read them in another computer.

    Also I am not sure as to what happens to the edited pictures. I know where the originals are, but where do the edited ones go to?

    Any help appreciated.

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    Re: Copying to CDs

    Hello qim...I have PP, but have never tried to burn CD's with it. I use Nero 6. As for where your edited pictures go, when i'm not sure where one of my files went, I will try to save it again, and then I'll check the location it is trying to save to. I have several folders for my photos and sometimes I forget to change the destination and I find family photos in the nature folder. Most of the time, if you are using windows software, your save location will be the same as your last save, so if you saved a download in a strange folder, your edits could be going there.
    One other thing I do is to do a search for *.jpg or *.tif depending on the format I saved in. In Windows XP you can search for all picture formats, but then you get every picture file from every program on your computer...but you can still gleen out where your pictures are and retrieve them manually.
    As for burning your cd's...I recommend using an actual Burning program such as Nero. They offer usually offer different formats that you can burn your cd's in, since some older cd roms use different formats, which I really don't know how to explain. You can d/l a trial version of most burning programs.
    Hope this helps a little.
    P.S. This will probably get moved as it belongs in the help thread and not the project thread, so you may need to find it there later when everyone wakes up..hehe...

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    Re: Copying to CDs

    If you are using windows XP, you can simply open the folder with all your photos, then either hold down ctrl+a, or goto edit>select all. Once all of the photos are selected, RIGHT click on one of the files, and then select copy to cd. This will save in a regular jpg/tiff/whatever format those files are in. Then you can use the cd in other systems. This is how I copy my digitals to take them to get printed.

    With the program you normally use to burn, have you tried putting a disk into another system, and then finding the correct drive, and opening it that way? You should be able to copy the files into a temp folder, and select which viewer to use to see them.

    Does your software have an export folder? Your edited versions may be there. You can check Drive C> program files> pictureproject, then inside that folder, look for an archieve or export folder, it really could be named anything, so look in each folder, sooner or later, you should come to them (if it has an export folder). If not, then simply try to save another image, and make note of where it tries to save, then goto that directory (as Ken suggested)

    I agree with Ken, you may get different/better answers in help or digital imaging and computers.

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