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    Dinosaur carney2's Avatar
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    Cleaning Computer Screens

    Need suggestions for cleaning fingerprints from the screen of my new laptop. I know that certain chemical cleaners should not be used, but do not know what they are.
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    Senior Member WsW-WYATT-EARP's Avatar
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    Re: Cleaning Computer Screens

    if you scroll down it tells how to clean all your computer components .... even LCD screens

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    Re: Cleaning Computer Screens

    iKleer, sold by OWC, Best stuff there is to clean laptop & LCD screens.


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    Re: Cleaning Computer Screens

    Well...the official answer is - it depends on how risky you want to be with your investment. I've always used a wet napkin or papertowel to clean dust and fingerprints from a laptop screen (risky...yeah, but then so is taking your laptop apart). One of the IT guys at my division office uses alcohol swipes. And you can buy some special cleaners that are designed for LCD displays.
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