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    Cheap colour laser printer

    I'm looking for a cheap color printer, with a decent quality! With a network ready interface!

    I've looked around the web, and found two which are still abit expensive, but whats even worse is the refils are like a good 25+ per catridge (bare in mind i'll need to have 4!)

    Brother - You can't go wrong, they make brilliant printers.


    Samsung - Officemax are having deal!

    If anyone has any other recommendations, it would be great!

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    Re: Cheap colour laser printer

    Colour laser is fine for office work, but I wouldn't use one for photo.
    As you point out, they're expensive to refill, too.

    I wait for a sale at one of the big electronics shops, and then buy cheap.

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    Re: Cheap colour laser printer

    i bought an Epson Stylus Photo 1400 A3 is superb and can pick up the inks at an excellent price as well
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    Re: Cheap colour laser printer

    for printing out photos you simply can't beat an inkjet. Sure 5-10 years they were the poor cousin to a laser, but these days with quick drying inks 7plus colours and vast improvements in photo paper, they are supposed to be able to outlast chemical prints and in terms of saturation etc most people would find it hard to pick the inkjet from the chemical print. if you need to go bick you can often pick up an a3+ printer for less than a colour laser. either way you will need to sell your soul to pay for the ink. Most manufacturers make a loss on the printer that they more than make up for in the ink.

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    Re: Cheap colour laser printer

    Best way to find cheap printer is to search in google by cheap printer keywords.


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