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    Not-so-recent Nikon Convert livin4lax09's Avatar
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    Dec 2004

    calibrated printing on r800

    ok, so I'm usually not the one to ask for help, but I have to on this...

    how in the hell are you supposed to make calibrated prints with the r800 (which i'm assuming is like many other printers)

    The user's manual says to convert color space to adobe RGB. check. then it says print with "photoshop determines colors," relative colometric, black point compression, all that good stuff. Check. It says to set the printer profile to the paper you are using. check. colorsync off, all the print settings correct, and.... the prints (glossy) look like crap. I've got brown looking green on this shot
    yet this shot looks basically fine
    matte prints are so disastrous that it's not even funny. EVERYTHING looks green. Where am I going wrong?

    Epson Paper, Epson ink, all the legit stuff.

    also, my monitor is probably as close as you can get to true calibration by doing it hand, so i dont think thats the problem.

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    Senior Member Medley's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Hillsboro, OR, USA

    Re: calibrated printing on r800

    You haven't embedded the printer's ICC profile in the image. Assuming you're using Epson ink, do a Google search for your printer, then search within results for "ICC profile". If you're very lucky, you'll find a downloadable file that matches your printer, ink, and paper. If not, the only option is to create one. Colorvision packs a product called "PrintFIX Plus with their Spyder2 colorimeter for just such a purpose. I assume that GretagMacbeth has one as well, though it may not come bundled with their product.

    The software allows you to print a test image, then use the colorimeter to read the actual colors and create a profile. So long as you continue to use the same printer, ink AND paper, the profile remains accurate. Change any one of the three, and you should create a new profile.

    Once you have the ICC profile, look to Photoshop Help to find out what folder to place it in. Once you have it right, you should be able to open your image, go to Edit> Convert to Profile, and find your ICC profile in the drop-down menu. I name my profiles things like "r800Glossy17Feb07" to be able to distinguish them easily (I don't change inks much).

    Now you've converted the image to your printer's colors, and because your monitor is calibrated, you know that you're seeing what the printer sees.

    It's a royal pain to set up, but once you have it, color management is a snap.
    Hope this clarifies things some.

    - Joe U.

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    Almost There...... ciddog91's Avatar
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    Detroit, MI, USA

    Re: calibrated printing on r800

    Do you use your R800 for prints up to 8x10 for sales or do you use a service??

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    May 2008
    new york

    Re: calibrated printing on r800

    Hello! I'm a new user of this r800. I don't even know the features of this product because my aunt from the states just gave it to me. I wanted to know more about this r800 and it's features. Could someone please help me on this? Thanks in advance...


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