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Thread: Buttons

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    I have done buttons in Fireworks with text, is it possible to edit text on images that are in .gif format?

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    Re: Buttons

    The .gif file type doesn't support layers. Unless Fireworks is really different from Photoshop, you won't be able to edit the text after you save those files. If I have files I want to be able to edit later, I save master files in the TIFF format, as well as the final flat files. That way I can edit them any time I want.

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    No, but...

    Quote Originally Posted by jamesfirst
    I have done buttons in Fireworks with text, is it possible to edit text on images that are in .gif format?
    As John points out, once you gif file is saved, it's a keeper. On the other hand, gif buttons are so easy to create, you might as well make new ones with the changed text.

    One other thing you can try is to make a generic button without any text, then add the text over it in your web program (ie GoLive, Dreamweaver). You can then edit the text whenever you want and it won't affect the underlying graphic.

    Keep in mnd, though, this technique won't work with rollovers and such...
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