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Thread: Yosemite Images

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    Small Photo Business Dave E.'s Avatar
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    Jan 2004

    Yosemite Images

    Olmsted Point
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    earthling bingo pajama's Avatar
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    Jan 2004
    central oklahoma
    again, nice shot. i think the bottom half is a bit dark and lacks detail, but your composition is perfect here.
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    Wisconsin Cheesehead Spike's Avatar
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    On my monitor, this one looks too dark. Composition is nice and simple, although I suggest not cropping off the very top of the tree.


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    Paint with Light PuckJunkey's Avatar
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    I really like this one; it's the best of the lot IMO. I don't mind the amount of detail around the base of the tree either, though it could use a little more exposure in the area immediately behind the tree. The only way you could've remedied that was to shoot it a few minutes earlier.

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