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    Senior Shooter Greg McCary's Avatar
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    The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    It's been awhile since I have posted here. Which do you prefer? I like the color edit all but the green truck. I have a mind to make it black, thoughts????

    The Yellow Jacket, color edit by Cosmonaut's, on Flickr

    The Yellow Jacket by Cosmonaut's, on Flickr
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W


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    Senior Member armando_m's Avatar
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    Greg, to me this scene is more about light and shadows and therefore the b&w works better

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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    Greg - I'm more drawn to the color, but want some of that bottom parking lot cropped off. No idea on the black truck. To me, the sign saying "Yellow" demands some color: otherwise, it's a letdown.

    The black and white's OK too, but it needs some type of filter/effect to give it some oopmf. Maybe you can add some grain? Too bad there isn't a person or two in an old outfit walking there, but the newish truck wouldn't quite mesh with that anyhow I think.
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    Junior Member Frapolo's Avatar
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    B & W looks nice!
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    B is better

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    Member PWhite214's Avatar
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    I really like the photo. B&W definitely and crop out as much of the parking lot as you can. Just my 2 cents worth.

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    Senior Member readingr's Avatar
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    Hi Greg,

    I would go for colour in this photo and even lighten up the truck a touch to make the green stand out a bit more. Green and Yellow terrific combination!

    I would have cropped to the first white lane marking to emphasize the restaurant and the truck and possibly added at touch of saturation to the yellow under the roof.

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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    Even thought I am a b/w fanatic, I think the color works best here. I would crop in closer and try to do a reshoot with the counter person resting on elbows with hands hanging out the order window. An old farm truck would be a nice addition to a reshoot.

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    Member gotrocks's Avatar
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    Re: The Yellow Jacket color or B&W

    Greg, I prefer color. This question re: b/w or color brings back a memory from 1955 Ft. Knox KY.
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    Wish I had a pano of the scene, there would be no question re: b/w
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