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    Senior Member arne saknussen's Avatar
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    Wine Glass On IPad

    A little more experimentation.

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    Love + Music + Photography = Life CLKunst's Avatar
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    Re: Wine Glass On IPad

    Interesting. I like the colors, and the sharpness of the stem. More over it's fun, it looks like a glass of liquid candy. I think this would also be interesting to remove all context and view upside down then it would look like the stem was pouring into a bubble. (Just an idea.)
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    Re: Wine Glass On IPad

    First of all, I love your willingness to experiment with abstract photography, arne. You've got a great eye for color, shapes, compotision and how you can make seemingly mundane objects into interesting and even beautiful photos. This image is a perfect example of that. How many of us would have seen what you saw here, or made the effort into make it into such a well-composed and polished image? And this really is a beautiful image - and a well-deserved Featured Photo!

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    Re: Wine Glass On IPad

    Impressive one Arne... I don't know if I would have spoiled it with the description though, because I had no idea how you did the background (didn't even see that it was a wine glass) . I would consider fixing that small crack looking line to the upper left of where the handle of the glass meets the cup, but wow this one is nice and abstract. Like Cindy's suggestion to abstract it even more. How? Not sure, just play!
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    Re: Wine Glass On IPad

    Printed and laminated with the highest quality standards and precision fitted for your iPad (Wi-Fi/Wi-Fi + 3G), this custom skin will look sharp and brilliant with your designs, photos, and text.

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    Senior Member armando_m's Avatar
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    Re: Wine Glass On IPad

    impressive creativity !

    great composition
    the shallow DOF really adds to the abstract

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